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The RFTA has always been well known and reputable for perfect athletic performance of its students. Among the graduates of the Academy you can find Masters of Sports of the USSR, World-class athletes and Olympic winners. It is obvious that the main target of the Department of Physical Education of the Academy is students’ physical education. According to the State Educational Standard each student should take 408 hours of PE in compliance with the schedule and the curriculum.

All the students having no medical contra-indications, attend classes of general PE and, upon successful completion of the program, pass monthly certification. Also, students can do different sports in various sport sections. All those, demonstrating good results in their sports and meeting the basic athletic requirements get their credits and are exempt from attending regular classes.

According to the plan of sport activities, the Department of Physical Education holds autumn and winter Dorm Olympics, i.e. the competition in team sports between the departments of the Academy.

In addition to in-house sport competitions, the Academy students are involved in friendly matches with other universities, and in sport meetings with the "veterans" of the Academy.

In 2010 a state-of-the-art sport complex of the Academy was put into operation. The facilities of the complex can impress the most demanding sport enthusiasts: a swimming pool, a universal gym (650 sq m), a hall with exercise machines and cardio-vascular machines, special halls for weightlifting and martial arts. Combined with the previously built sport facilities, the Sport Center is a perfect place for doing sports, offering students a broad choice of sport activities according to their preferences and wishes. In addition to popular sports and games, such as basketball, volleyball, table tennis and aerobics students can take swimming and aqua-aerobics classes, play softball and badminton.

RFTA Sports and Fitness Center is a large multi-purpose sports complex, equipped with the state-of-the–art equipment providing training in the following disciplines: athletics, fitness, aerobics, football, volleyball, basketball, martial arts, swimming, water polo, table tennis.

Students interested in all the above sports can get training and improve their results in Sport Perfection Groups (SPG).

Swimming Pool

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