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Publishing is one of the most important and prioritized areas of the activities of the Academy.

High-quality educational and scientific publications provide for implementation of the basic task of the Academy - comprehensive training of top-class professionals in the field of international economic relations, management, law and finance to work in big industrial companies, government bodies, banks, etc.

Editorial Board is responsible for the most effective organization of publishing activities, as well as for the quality of academic and scientific works published by the Academy.

Publishing activity in the Academy is carried out in the following areas:

- Preparation and publishing of educational and scientific works by RFTA professors and researchers using Academy’s own high-tech printing facilities;

- Preparation and publishing of textbooks, manuals, monographs by RFTA professors and researchers of the Academy in Russian and western publishing houses (Ekonomika, Magister, Yurait, Vissheye Obrasovanie, STATUTE, Wolters Kluwer, Hart Publishing, IDC Publishers, ICC International Court of Arbitration Bulletin, Containerisation International, Law Business Research, etc.)

- Preparation and publishing of textbooks, manuals, monographs by RFTA professors and researchers in publishing centers of other universities (Moscow State University, MGIMO University, Higher School of Economics, RANEPA, Russian Customs Academy, Moscow State University of Culture and Arts, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, etc.);

Textbooks and teaching aids prepared by the professors of the Academy, are highly appreciated by the professional community. Many of them are classified by the Ministry of Education and Science and by the Administration for Training and Methodology and are widely used by teachers in various universities throughout Russia.

Educational and training manuals published by the Academy comply with the state requirements in terms of their content and structure. The material of the textbook may cover either several blocks, which are the most difficult for the students, or the whole material of the course. Thus, “Technology of Foreign Trade” published in 2011 can be regarded as a unique book. It was released in two consequent editions and the third updated edition is being prepared currently. The book covers all major areas of development and execution of International Sales transaction. The 3rd edition of the book shall be released in a new series of textbooks and teaching aids by RFTA professors, which includes several blocks, such as country studies, international trade, WTO issues and much more. The authors are the professors of Foreign Trade Technology Department of the RFTA.

It should be noted that some teaching aids published by the Academy, in terms of their content form the elements supporting the content of the whole discipline. In this case training manuals are used by students as a navigator (for organization of independent work), and by teachers, conducting workshops in the discipline. The example is "International Economy" modular series which includes more than 70 names. The series is developed for students of MBA and professional development programs and is in use starting year 2000.

in 2021 the unique book “Design thinking as an innovative approach in business. Methodology and practice” was published in the Academy. The authors of the book are Komarova Anna (PhD Econ.), Badulina Anna (PhD Econ) and Marcos Lima, Director of Masters’ programs of SKEMA Business School.


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