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References of freshmen - foreigners

Ivan (Transnistria): Before applying to the Academy, I had a wide range of universities to chose from. All of them had their advantages and prospects, but I chose RFTA because I had heard a lot about the quality of teaching majors and foreign languages, about high level of teaching staff.

Marina (Uzbekistan): I decided to apply to the RFTA, since it is one of the most respected institutions of higher education. The Academy Diploma is very highly regarded not only in Russia but also abroad.
It was a dream of mine to become a student of the institution specializing in what I wanted to do. The Academy is the place where my dream has come true.

Leonid (Republic of Abkhazia): I wanted to become a lawyer like my father, and I had clearly defined for myself, that I wanted to be a highly qualified international lawyer. This specialty shall help me to improve the international position of the Republic of Abkhazia. I asked the opinion of my Dad’s colleagues about the RFTA and I was satisfied with a lot of positive comments about the Academy and its alumni.

Christina (Turkmenistan) : All teachers and professors know their business very well . I like the relationship between students and teachers, mutual respect is in the first place. I thought that it would be difficult to pry myself away from home, but it is very interesting and exciting to study at the RFTA. The atmosphere here is so warm and friendly, that I feel a part of a big family.

Maria (Republic of South Ossetia): The first thing I noticed was a great equipment in audiences favoring the learning process. I was particularly impressed by lectures, seminars, carried out by highly skilled professionals. Also, I would stress perfect organization of the educational process.


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