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Federal State Funded Educational Institution for higher education – Russian Foreign Trade Academy (RFTA) of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

герб Минэкономразвития

For 90 years we have been preparing professionals for foreign economic activity!

Фотография главного корпуса ВАВТ

Founded in 1931

Founder Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

We teach specialized disciplines

World economy, foreign trade, international public and private law, logistics in foreign trade, customs law – knowledge of these disciplines is essential for employment in international companies. These special courses are developed by our professors-practitioners experienced in international and foreign trade activity.

Unique educational institution - 90 years of history of the Academy

We have a high pass grade for state-funded openings. The limited number of students makes it possible to individually work with each student, form small groups for learning foreign languages, give attention to everyone when choosing a company for internship or working on graduation paper.

Specific educational standard

By Decree No. 398 of the President of Russia dated August 5, 2015, the Russian Foreign Trade Academy was included in the list of federal state educational institutions of higher education, which have the right to develop and approve independently advanced educational standards at all levels of higher education. Studying at RFTA Is challenging and interesting!

Старое здание Академии Новое здание Академии Библиотека Академии

History of the RFTA Subdivisions of the Academy Take a tour round the campus

Learn about the history of the RFTA founded in 1931, about our achievements and graduates. The Academy is formed by many subdivisions, including administrative departments, a Career Center, an international department, a library, an editorial office of the Russian Foreign Economic Bulletin, and own print shop. A number of educational buildings, a new building, modern equipment, computer and language laboratories, a state-of-the-art library…

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Internship abroad

The Academy offers double degree programs.
Students have a chance to study at the universities of Great Britain, Germany, France, China, Spain and some other countries.
Intern students do their internships with international organizations and companies.

Studying two foreign languages

Learning at least two foreign languages is compulsory for each student of the Academy.
We offer comfortable groups, polished teaching practices supported by modern teaching materials with specialized vocabulary. Every student always has an opportunity to learn more languages. Starting from their 3rd year, RFTA students can start training under a minor program "Translator in the field of professional communication" and get a diploma in additional qualification.

Internship and Employment

In the course of their studies, students of the Russian Foreign Trade Academy do their internship in big Russian and foreign companies and government agencies (Ministries, Trade Representations). We have more than 40 Russian, foreign and international partner companies. A Career Center of the Academy advices students on internship and employment issues. 95% of students get employment offers before completion their studies, 100% of the graduates get employed within one year of graduation from the Academy.

Graduates about the Academy

The history of the Academy is being made by the history of the thousands of its graduates, hundreds of its professors and staff members.

Кнопка Выпускники Академии

Active Social Life and Extracurricular Activities

  • The Academy organizes international legal competitions (WTO Model and International Commercial Arbitration, Rosenberg Competition), participation in these competitions is highly encouraged and supported;
  • We train teams to participate in moot courts, in international competitions and in competitions held by other universities;
  • We organize student conferences and scientific discussions;
  • We have sport clubs, organize Dorm Olympics and sport competitions;
  • Students actively participate in a work of Student Council, youth club, in KVN contests (Witty and Cheerful Club) and in volunteer movement;
  • The Student Spring Ball, the Award Ceremony for the best students are held annually.
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