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Appointments and consulting Clients

Appointments and consulting Clients are by prior registration.
The registration is by e-mail: Lawclinic.vavt@yandex.ru
Appointments for consultations are made from September to May.
Reception of citizens is held on the premises of the Russian Foreign Trade Academy at the address: Moscow, 6А Vorobiyovskoye Shosse, room № 1001.

The appointments and consulting of clients are held as in the order below:

· Prior registration for an appointment
A person wishing to receive legal aid, sends an application by e-mail, also it is possible to fill in an application on the site of the Center (section Feedback). The preliminary registration is carried out by the coordinator of the Center. The coordinator of the Center warns that the consultation is held by the students of the Russian Foreign Trade Academy and that it is impossible to provide legal aid on the day of the first meeting due to the need to prepare the consultation and coordinate it with the curator.

· The first meeting of the Intern with the Client
At an agreed time, the Intern of the Center meets the person who has signed up for an appointment (the Client of the Center). During the meeting, the Intern fills out the due Reception Card. The Client sets out the essence of their problem, with the Intern identifying the nature of the Client's legal problem, the timing of events and all legally relevant facts to give a full consultation. The Intern receives copies of all relevant documents. The next meeting is appointed upon agreement of the Client and the Intern.

· Preparation of the legal opinion on the case
The Intern independently selects the normative material and prepares a written legal opinion outlining possible legal solutions to the problem. The term of preparation of the legal opinion is determined by the Intern independently depending on the complexity of the case. On average, this term is two weeks. The Intern agrees the prepared consultation with the Curator.

While preparing a consultation on the case, legal aid can be rendered in three forms:
1. Legal opinion - replies to the questions raised by the Client;

2. Legislative reference - selection of rules and regulations at the request of the Client;

3. Drafting procedural and other legal documents.

· The second meeting of the Intern with the Client (Consulting)
During this meeting, the Intern provides the Client with a written legal opinion and explains the findings orally. The Client is asked to fill in the Questionnaire of the Client of the Center.
Oral legal advice is only permitted as an explanation of the provisions contained in the written legal opinion.


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