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International student event "Design Thinking CAMP" held from November 30 to December 15, 2021

Design Thinking CAMP

From November 30 to December 15, 2021 the Academy hosted an international student event "Design Thinking CAMP". It was organized by RFTA and facilitated by SKEMA business school and the University of Grenoble-Alpes, the members of ‘Design thinking in the global world’ interdisciplinary group of the French-Russian University (FRU).

About 90 people who took part in the three sections of the "Design Thinking CAMP were the students of the Russian educational organizations that are the members of the French-Russian University: RFTA, RANEPA, National Research Nuclear University MEPHI and RUDN University. During the international event students had the opportunity to attend lectures by Russian and French speakers, take part in workshops and masterclasses in English and in Russian.

The first section, "Design Thinking as an Innovative Business Approach" was held on November 30 in full-time format at the RFTA. The participants of the event were greeted by V.Idrisova, Vice-Rector of the and E.Svinarenko, Director of French-Russian cooperation Center with RANEPA, who spoke about the student activities and projects organized by French-Russian University. Student teams from the RFTA, RANEPA, MEPHI and RUDN University learned about the methods and tools of design thinking; guided by facilitators they had passed all the stages of design thinking and developed prototype solutions for the proposed cases. The cases were brought up by professors and employees of the RFTA and touched on the educational process and situations from everyday student life.

The second section, "Selling Process in an International Context" was held online during two days: December, 2 and December, 15. On December 2, students from the Academy, RANEPA, MEPHI and RUDN University listened to a lecture by a professor from the University of Grenoble-Alpes and learned about the modern methods of selling products and services in an international context; they were also given the task: to prepare a presentation of a Russian product/service using a human-centric approach to a foreign customer. On December 15, the student teams successfully demonstrated their presentations and competently answered the questions of Professor Ghislaine Pellat.

The third section, "Designing and Prototyping Business Solutions Using Marvel" was also held online during 2 days: December, 3 and December, 10. On December 3, students from the Academy, RANEPA, MEPHI and RUDN University took part in a workshop on using the Marvel program, which was conducted by Professor Marcos Lima from SKEMA Business School. Marvel is the latest mobile application development software. Guided by a facilitator, student teams created prototypes of mobile application interfaces for existing companies such as Starbucks and Lamoda, as well as for their own universities (for example, a prototype application for RFTA and MEPHI), correcting errors in real-life applications and making them more user-friendly. On December 10, student teams successfully demonstrated their prototypes in operation.


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