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Home About Academy All news On April 19, 2024, the Russian Foreign Trade Academy hosted the II International Practical Conference "International Business: Time of Challenges and Opportunities".

On April 19, 2024, the Russian Foreign Trade Academy hosted the II International Practical Conference "International Business: Time of Challenges and Opportunities".

The event was attended by more than 150 guests in both face-to-face and remote formats, including 30 participants from foreign countries. The conference brought together representatives of large Russian enterprises and government structures, as well as the academic, scientific, and business communities.

The relevance of the agenda generated high interest in the conference on social media: over 1700 views were recorded during the broadcast.

The event was opened by Dean of the Faculty of International Business, A.A. Nikitenko.

A welcoming speech was given by the Acting Rector V.V. Idrisova, who emphasized the importance of dialogue between the academic community and business practitioners on issues such as organizing logistics routes and cross-border payments.

The Minister of Education and Social Security at the Embassy of the Republic of India in the Russian Federation, Subrata Das, talked about key growth points in India's economy and the opportunities that arise for Russian-Indian interaction in this context.

The economic adviser to the ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Russia, Seyed Reza Hashemi, touched upon the prospects for Russian-Iranian economic cooperation and expressed interest in joint scientific and educational events with RFTA of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia.

The rector of the University of Foreign Trade in Bangladesh, Dr. JafarYudin, highlighted recent trends in the global economy and the associated challenges and risks for business in developing countries. He pointed out potential difficulties in cross-cultural communication and expressed interest in cooperation with RFTA.

During the conference events, challenges faced by Russian companies in foreign economic activity were discussed, along with methods of adaptation and risks of doing business in new conditions for domestic and foreign enterprises, successful cases for overcoming these, topical issues of global transformation of the world economy, international trade, Russia's foreign economic strategy, the role of digitalization, new technologies, and solutions in the transport and energy sectors to enhance the competitiveness of economies and the efficiency of business processes.

The key topic was the new expanded format of international cooperation among BRICS countries, to which a separate discussionwas dedicated.

The scientific director of the RFTA educational program "International Business in BRICS Markets," E.B. Rogatnykh, talked about BRICS in the context of a new unique format for organizing multilateral international cooperation.

During the BRICS country panel section, a wide range of issues was discussed, including the sphere of small and medium enterprises, the economic development of new member countries, the system for evaluating potential BRICS participants, digitization processes, and projects on Artificial Intelligence implementation in BRICS+, currency-financial and technological aspects of cooperation among countries, as well as new directions and forms of interaction, intensification, and transformation of Russia's foreign trade relations within the expanded BRICS format.

The foreign section in English, "Global Business, Economics & Law: Markets and Trends," brought together participants from Armenia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, India, China, Colombia, and the UAE.

We express our gratitude to all participants of the conference for their interesting reports and constructive discussion, and we look forward to seeing everyone again at our scientific-practical and educational events!

You can view the photo report of the event here.


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