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The EEC and the Russian Foreign Trade Academy signed a Cooperation Program.

    The Program of cooperation between the Eurasian Economic Commission and the Russian Foreign Trade Academy of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation (RFTA) for 2023-2024 was signed by Chairman of the EEC Board Mikhail Myasnikovich and Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of the RFTA Vittoria Idrisova on October 6 in Moscow at the headquarters of the Commission.

    The signing ceremony was attended by the EEC Minister of Trade Andrey Slepnev and Director of the Protocol and Organizational Support Department Daniyar Turusbekov, from the Russian side – Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Dmitry Volvach and Dean of the International Law Faculty of the RFTA Natalia Mazaeva.

    The document includes various forms of cooperation between the structural divisions of the EEC and the specialized faculties of the RFTA – from the joint development of basic educational programs, specialized master's degree disciplines, advanced training programs and additional professional education on topical issues of Eurasian integration, to the organization of expert conferences, thematic forums, round tables, master classes and seminars, the publication of joint collections of scientific articles, monographs, teaching materials and textbooks of members of the Board, officials and employees of the EEC on issues of economic integration.

    "The signed Cooperation Program fixes the vector for close cooperation of the EEC with the Academy. It is especially important that the events imply a bilateral nature of cooperation," said Dmitry Volvach, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of Russia. – On the one hand, students will be able to practice at the EEC and defend their theses in front of the current members of the Commission, be involved in the preparation of research and scientific and educational projects, scientific conferences, and on the other hand, representatives of the EEC, if necessary, will have the opportunity to undergo additional professional training programs and professional retraining in the RFTA, and also count on the participation of specialized research centers of the RFTA in the scientific examination of the activities of the EEC."

    Of particular value, according to him, is the interaction of the EEC and the RFTA within the framework of informal thematic events – the CIS and EAEU Youth Forum, the Spartakiad and the EAEU Day. "All these events are aimed at the broad involvement of students, postgraduates and young researchers of the RFTA in the processes of Eurasian economic integration," the Deputy Minister stressed. – Their organization and holding, in my opinion, makes the dialogue between the university and the EEC even more trusting, promotes the popularization of Eurasian integration processes among young people."

    Mikhail Myasnikovich, opening the event, stressed: "The issues of training specialized personnel specializing in the processes of Eurasian economic integration are a priority for us. The Commission is interested in the influx of highly qualified specialists to work both in the supranational body and in the authorized ministries and departments of the member States. Especially taking into account the actively developing foreign trade negotiation track of the Union, which is led by the Minister of Trade Andrey Slepnev, the Academy's competencies are very much in demand."

    Vittoria Idrisova, Vice rector of RFTA, noting the relevance of the request for Eurasian integration in the student and faculty environment, expressed confidence in the timeliness of signing the Program of Cooperation between the EEC and the Academy: "We are ready to get involved as much as possible in the preparation of specialized programs, if necessary, we are ready to participate in research and expert support."

    "It is fundamentally important to interest young people in our integration project from the student's bench, to form a community of Eurasian professionals capable of developing effective solutions," Mikhail Myasnikovich summed up.


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