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Date of the publication: 20.12.2016
On 16 December 2016, a long-awaited Winter performance of Witty and Cheerful Club (KVN) took place. This time not only well known KVN teams and experts participated in the game, but also a couple of new ones. All of them surprised the audience and jury with sparkling humor and funny jokes! A special  addition to the game was a traditional Charity Fair organized by the RFTA Social Center. All funds raised during the Fair were sent to Taganka Children's Fund.
Date of the publication: 15.12.2016
On December 14, 2016 the RFTA held Intellectual Marathon in Psychology with participation of the first year students of the International Economists’ Department. The marathon was organized and carried out by: S. Balakireva (Ph.D.), Associate Professor of Foreign Transaction Technology Department and by V.Savelov (Ph.D.), Full Professor of Foreign Transaction Technology Department. Department inspectors: Associate Professor A. Golubchik (Ph.D.), Full Professor D. Ribets.

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