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Federal state higher education institution

Russian Foreign Trade Academy

Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian federation

+7 (499) 143 12 35
119285, Москва, ул. Пудовкина, 4а



The mission and objectives of the RFTA Business School are to provide training of highly qualified managers able to settle strategic and tactical tasks, promoting the socio-economic development of Russia in the context of globalization.

The business school sets the following objectives:

- To help form a vision of strategic and tactical corporate issues among the students.
- To help them be « real-time » effective managers, in the highly competitive, fast-moving, globalized environment.
- To train the next generation of leaders, possessing the most up-to-date methods and technologies for projecting competitive business.
- To organize efficient work on the education services market using the most modern teaching methodologies.
- To create an atmosphere of free communication and an interactive exchange of opinions.

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