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In 2019, a new 10-story educational building at 6A Vorobyevskoye Sh., having spacious lecture halls, seminar rooms and language laboratories came into operation. Audio and video equipment is installed in all classrooms. The building has an equipped conference room for 164 seats. The audiences of the 9th floor are reserved for Computer classes.
The dining room and cafe are located on the ground floor. A two-level underground parking for 130 parking boxes is available.

5-story building located at 4a Pudovkina St., which is under the operational management of the Russian Foreign Trade Academy of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, is currently under reconstruction.
At the end of the reconstruction in the 2nd quarter of 2020, there will be a dormitory for 164 ppl.

4-storey educational building at 8 Vorobyevskoye Sh. was demolished in August 2019, and a new educational and administrative building will be built in its place. There will be a two-level underground parking, a two-level conference room for 600 seats and a dining room for 160 seats.
Planned for commissioning in 2022

3-storey educational building at 8 Vorobyevskoe Sh., bldg. 1 with a library and various classrooms.

4-storey Sports and Fitness Center at 4a Pudovkina St., bldg. 1.

In addition, the Academy has an open fenced sports ground for playing soccer with an area of about 600 sq.m.

The Academy has a 4-storey educational building with classrooms, a dining room and office facilities at 32 Levoberezhnaya St.

All the Academy facilities are equipped with access control system. The control is carried out with remote asses control equipment, i.e. the entry into the premises is possible only with a special electronic pass. The Academy also has duty security guards.
All buildings and premises of the Academy are equipped with fire alarm and video surveillance systems, which are constantly upgraded.
The head of the Academy Housekeeping Department is Vladimir A. Muraviev. You can contact him at: 8 (499) 143 6123 or his office at 6A Vorobevskoye Shosse, (office 219), 119285 Moscow, Russia.

Sports and Fitness Center of the RFTA
Sports and Fitness Center of the RFTA is a large universal sports complex equipped with modern equipment.
Working Hours: 7.15 AM - 10.30 PM on weekdays,
9 AM - 9 PM on weekends
Sports and Fitness Center of the RFTA works according to the Academy curriculum and to extended learning program for children and adults.
As a part of the training programs, physical education is carried out in the following disciplines: athletics, fitness, cheerleading, general physical education, cardio, football, volleyball, basketball, martial arts, swimming, table tennis. There are also sport sections for all the specified sports.

For those with disabilities:

In accordance with the requirements of Federal Education and Science Supervision Agency (ROSOBRNADZOR):
Information on the availability of material and technical conditions ensuring unhindered access for people with disabilities
For people with disabilities the Academy offers the following facilities: a wireless assistant call system: a Pulsar-3 vibro-light indicator together with anti-vandal street button, LCD receiver, repeater; anti-slip self-adhesive strip (m), two-section telescopic ramp MR207-7, crutch hook, the entrance group with a double handrail (2.4 m).
2 specially equipped bathrooms.
The swimming pool of the Sports and Fitness Center is equipped with a cylinder for a hydraulic elevator with a chair.

If you need a dormitory, please contact office 219 in the educational building of the Academy at 6a Vorobyevskoe Sh.
Steps to follow :
1. Download and fill in a dormitory application form (see link below)
2. Get approval (a signature) of the Dean of your faculty on your application form.
3. Pass your application to the methodologist at the Dean’s office who will submit it to the vice-rector (Academics) at 6a Vorobyevskoe Sh.
4. The response to the application shall be available in office 219 at 6a Vorobevskoye Sh.

Dormitory address:
Moscow 135 Leninsky Prospect, Bldg. 3, entrance 2 (entry code 131 key 0077)

How to get:
Metro station Troparevo (orange line, Southbound) , exit from the first carriage, go straight, turn left, then walk for about 10 minutes.
Dormitory Supervisor - Gennady F. Maximov
Rooms 101.102. Tel # 8 495 438 89 34

Is dormitory available to those studying on a fee-paying basis?

Is dormitory available to foreign citizens?

Can I live in the dormitory during entrance examinations?

Can I stay in the dormitory after examinations and live there till the beginning of the academic year?
No .

When can I check-in at the dormitory ?
Starting August 27.

What documents do I need to demonstrate at check-in?
- your passport ;
- the document confirming availability of benefits (for students entitled to receive state social assistance - a confirmation from the Department of Social Protection at the place of permanent residence).

How much do I pay for the hostel?
Current prices are: RUR 700 for those at state financed openings, RUR 1560 for those studying on a fee-paying basis.


Medical services for students studying under the contract are provided by the medical service of the RANEPA.

Medical Center of the Academy is open daily (7 days a week) from 7 AM to 10.30 PM on weekdays, from 9 AM to 9 PM on weekends, at 4A Pudovkina St., bldg. 1

The medical staff pay special attention to the visitors of the Sports and Fitness Center where the medical office is located. In addition, First Aid kits are always available with security guards at every checkpoint of the Academy.

The RFTA library was founded in 1972 on the basis of a branch of Fundamental Scientific Library of All-Russian Scientific Institute for Market Research (VNIKI) under the USSR Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations. In 1992, the library gained independence and became one of the structural subdivisions of the Academy.
Book Stock of the library is more than 188,000 copies, including academic, scientific literature, diplomas, abstracts of dissertations, dissertations, journals, newspapers, electronic publications.
The acquisition is carried out in the following areas: economics, economic theory, history of economics, world economics, finance and credit, management, statistics, taxes and taxation, accounting and audit, international settlements and monetary relations, financial and managerial analysis, international trade, foreign trade of the Russian Federation, legal regulation of foreign economic activity, jurisprudence.
The reference and search aids are in the form of electronic catalogs and file cabinets.
The books are issued in an automated mode on the basis of Electronic Library System "IRBIS-64".
The head of the library is Olga A. Kior,
Phone / Fax +7 (499) 143-71-22.

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