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Donor's day

Date of the publication: 18.04.2017
On April 14, 2017 the Academy held another Donor Day! Both students and staff of the Academy took part in this high-minded act, and what is more, among them there were a lot of donors with a very rare blood groups. We say ‘Thanks you’ to everyone who participated in and organized this event! You kind involvement saves peoples’ lives!
Date of the publication: 05.10.2016
On October 3, 2016 The RFTA hosted donor day. ‘Every time you do a good turn, you shine the light a little farther into the dark’ – the academy students proved it that morning. Special thanks to the team of Blood Center doctors and Student Council members for their assistance in implementation of the important mission!
Date of the publication: 26.11.2015
The morning of November 26, 2015 started in an unusual way for students and staff of the Academy. More than 100 people came to the Academic Building to donate blood. It should be mentioned that such events are the common ones for the RFTA. As always, an opportunity to donate blood attracted a lot of volunteers. Doctors from the Blood Center team carefully screened out everyone for any contraindications. Unfortunately, not all volunteers were allowed to donate blood. We extend our gratitude to donors and organizers of the action. We wish everybody good health and look forward to further cooperation!
Date of the publication: 14.05.2015
On May 14, 2015  The Academy once again held  Donor Day. The  action was attended by about 140 people, including both students and staff members of the Academy, some donors had a very rare blood type. We thank everyone who participated and organized the event which will definitely save not a few  lives.
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