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Federal state higher education institution

Russian Foreign Trade Academy

Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian federation

+7 (499) 143 12 35
119285, Москва, ул. Пудовкина, 4а


The history of the Academy is being made by thousands of its graduates and by hundreds of its professors and staff members. We are proud to see our former students in the top positions of governmental authorities such as: Administration of the President of the Russian Federation, the Ministry for Economic Development and Trade, Ministry of Energy, the Federal Tax Police Service of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus, the Bank of Russia, the Russian Fuel Union, etc. We can’t even list the names of all our gradates who worked and are still working as heads of departments and sub-divisions of state foreign trade organizations and associations, with trade representations and companies’ offices, the names of thousands of commercial counselors and employees of international organizations.

And it is hardly too much to say that Soviet and Russian Foreign Trade was and still is largely rested on the Academy graduates.

Since 1995 younger students have taken over. Every year young graduates of the Academy start their career as professional economists, lawyers and managers of international profile.

Alexander Voloshin
Graduated in 1986
RAO UES, Chairman of the Board of Directors
Adviser to Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office

Yuri Agababov
Graduated in 1988

Oleg Krylov
Graduated in 1967
Doctor of Economics

Konstantin Pavlov
Graduated in 1948
Professor of RFTA

Alexander Pokrovsky
Graduated in 1956
Doctor of Economics, Professor, Honored Science Worker of the Russian Federation

Boris Sinecky
Graduated in 1962
Professor of RFTA

Anatoly Belorusov
Graduated in 1965
Professor of RFTA, Doctor of Economics

Vladimir Burmistrov
Graduated in 1965
Professor of RFTA, Doctor of Economics

Igor Machilisky
Graduated in 1967

Alexey Kupriyanov
Graduated in 1967
Premier Researcherof the Multinational Economic and Political Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Economics, Professor

Andrey Vorobyev
Graduated in 1968
Assistant Professor of RFTA

Yuri Orlov
Graduated in 1971

Victor Melnikov
Graduated in 1974
Bank of Russia, Vice-Chairman and Member of the Board of Directors, Doctor of Economics

Ernest Kochetov
Graduated in 1975
Director of the Strategic Research Center of Geoeconomy of the Russian Research Institute of External Economic Relations, Doctor of Economics

Alexander Zemskov
Graduated in 1977
Chairman of Licensintorg

Valery Ignatov
Graduated in 1978

Vladislav Malkevich
Graduated in 1978

Vladimir Fitin
Graduated 1978
Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in Turkey

Dmitry Suhoparov
Graduated in 1979
Ministry of Energy and Industry of the Russian Federation, Director of the International Co-operation Department

Victor Spasskiy
Graduated in 1979
Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Director of the CIS Economic Co-operation Department

Michael Fradkov
Graduated in 1981
Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation, Director

Igor Kartashov
Graduated in 1983
Cargill Enterprises Inc., Foreign Trade Operations Director

Nikolay Semin
Graduated in 1983
Senior Adviser of the International Centre UNCTAD/WTO

Sergey Ivanov
Graduated in 1984
Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in Italy

Alexander Mihnevich
Graduated in 1986
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Belarus in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Sergey Dankvert
Graduated in 1986
Head of the Rosselkhoznadzor

Yuri Stecenko
Graduated in 1986
Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in Austria

Alexander Zakharov
Graduated in 1988
SBERBANK, Vice-chairman of the Management Board

Victor Kokorev
Graduated in 1989
Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in Argentina and

Sergey Borisov
Graduated in 1991
President of OPORA, Chairman of Coordinating Board of Entrepreneurs Association in the Russian Federation

Igor Yusufov
Graduated in 1991
Special Representative of the Russian President on the Multinational Energy Co-operation, Ambassador at Large of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

Remir Mukumov
Graduated in 1996
Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation, Director of Building, Housing and Communal Services Department

Andrey Bondarenko
Graduated in 2001
CAPITAL-STRAHOVANIE, Head of Analytical Department

Andrey Seleznev
Graduated in 2003
CEO of Mail Boxes Etc. Russia

Olga Strelova
Graduated in 2004
Deputy Head of Corporate Finances Department of Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System

Eugeny Shevchuk
President, Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic

Sergey Gaplikov
President, ‘OLYMPSTROY’ government owned corporation

Sergey Kislyak
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation in the United States

Andrew Vorobyov
Governor, Moscow Region

Our graduates head and work for the companies as follows:

- Ministry for Economic Development of the RF

- The Bank of Russia

- the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the RF



- OJSC Paveletsky Bank

- Rossisky Credit Bank

- JSC ‘Russian Standard’ Bank

- JSC Raiffeisenbank

- JSC Banque Société Générale Vostok (BSGV)

- OJSC "Donstroy"

- JSC CB "Citibank"

- LLC "Uralsib Capital"

- OJSC "Sogaz"

- OJSC "Sudoimport "

- FSUE "Rosoboronexport"

- JSC " Sukhoi Civil Aircraft "

- JSC "Sojuzvneshtrans-Avia"

- LLC "Mile CIS"


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