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Federal state higher education institution

Russian Foreign Trade Academy

Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian federation

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119285, Москва, ул. Пудовкина, 4а
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Rector's Address

Today Russia needs highly qualified specialists who thoroughly understand the business.

Their role is particularly high in such area as foreign economic activity, where any wrong decision can have negative consequences for the company, the enterprise, and the country.

Professionals working in international business ensure development of cooperation between the countries, thus creating the basis for mutual understanding between nations. Therefore we, in the Academy, do our best to arm our graduates with deep knowledge to properly represent Russia in economic cooperation with foreign countries.

The training system developed at the Academy, its curricula, training materials and tasks are aimed at training specialists having all methods and practices of modern business at their finger tips.

It's safe to say that the education gained at the Academy, creates for its alumni a solid foundation for successful career in public service, in business, science and education.

Sergey G. Sinelnikov-Murylev,

Rector of the Russian Foreign Trade Academy,
Professor, PhD (Economics)

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