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MBA in Russia: 2015  Top Business Schools

The RFTA School of Business took the 9th  place in the national rating of Russian business - schools.

"The Secret of the Firm" magazine presented MBA program ranking, prepared by «MBA in Moscow and in Russia" Internet portal in cooperation  with Job.ru. Business school graduates rated  their schools considering 4  characteristics:  an increase in income, career development, business relationships, personal and professional development. In 2015  the RFTA School of Business is on the 9th place in National business-school  rating. It has  improved  its  position by eight points  as compared with the previous year. The rating is based on a survey of business school graduates. This year the  survey  covered  over 1440 graduates of business - schools (in 2014 - 1092 pp., in 2013 - 973 pp.,). They had to answer  the questions, characterizing the organization of educational process and, what is more important,  the result of training. Each characteristic  was evaluated  on a scale from 1 ("useless") to 5 ("maximum benefit"). Total for each characteristic  was the arithmetic mean; no weight  or  expert  factors were applied.http://secretmag.ru/articles/2015/09/01/mba2015/

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